Saturday, 14 January 2017

More Transgender Madness.

Some interesting articles.

I'm putting this online on the off chance that the 0.03% of the population with these sorts of obsessions might read it and get the help they need, which is not affirmation of their chosen gender - the more people act out on their obsessions the more power the obsession has.

The greatest help (as Walt Heyer affirms) is Jesus.

No way do I want anyone to mock or bully transgender people.

Walt Heyer in particular is speaking from a position of experience and his biography is also well worth reading.

This is the cover they are talking about - a ten year old boy who identifies as female. While this boy's situation is of course sad, and no one wants a world in which he is bullied or ridiculed if he goes to school etc like that, nonetheless I think it is clear from Walt Heyer's article that this transition will not deliver on what has been promised psychologically speaking, which means a whole lot of people are being duped, including most of us. 

I once had a nightmare that the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras parade had turned into a giant  multicoloured Rhinoceros that was trampling on children and young people. Shades of Eugene Ionesco, perhaps... It seems to have intuited symbolically the true situation.

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