Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sitting by the shore

I know it's rather gauche to mention one's own dreams, but this poem came out of my dream tonight.

Sitting by the shore

I was sitting by the shore
Watching you, waiting for more
But the things they said made you doubt me
They said my motives were a sin
They shut me out, you shut me in
And the conversation went on without me.

They stole my words, you closed the door,
I was left beside the shore,
With little more than memories about me.
There was no way I could win,
Stuck on the outside looking in,
As the conversation went on without me.

Yet winds they have a way of changing
And days they have a habit of rearranging
The perspective that you thought you knew.
With failing hope, you'll find you're looking in
The wrong end of the telescope,
Then you'll be me and I'll be you.

You'll be sitting by the shore
Watching me, wishing for more.
You could have come, but they made you doubt you
You shut yourself out in the end
There you'll be, waiting, looking in
As the conversation goes on without you.

(is this what I want to have happen? No. ) 

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